The Photo Gallery


(click on the photos below  to open an enlargement)


The photographs below illustrate just some aspects of our work:


A dangerous dying Willow tree is identified. Despite forming an excellent wild life habitat, this tree is at high risk of storm damage and possible wind blow:



A problem Sycamore is dismantled:






Elm trees suffering from Dutch Elm disease, beside an art centre :  





Council owned Lime street tree, after pollarding to control the growth:  



A large Poplar tree has grown to such an extent, that it presents a threat to the adjacent house.






A tree in danger of growing into overhead power lines is dismantled:


Tree too large for area - major over hang of bungalow - the offending Eucalyptus is dismantled :



A large Poplar Tree in close proximity to houses and gardens receives pollarding treatment:


Our work results in a large log pile, the content of which is available for sale as seasonal firewood:



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